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Armed with diverse experience in teaching and business growth, Lisa offers a refreshingly candid perspective about the unspoken truths of life in leadership.

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Leaders are often driven to succeed, but restless in their ability to direct energy sustainably. Lisa helps clients just like you realize their potential by leveraging their inherent skill set.

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Demands on work teams are high. Lisa engages and relates to her audience as a fellow business leader, providing relevant insight, helpful perspective, and an orientation toward a united vision of the future.

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Lisa Standeven | Success Strategist
Speaker. Writer. Consultant.

“Showing up for your life and accessing potential means starting with a balanced foundation made up of productive relationships, proven tools and strategic processes. Without it, leadership feels more like a burden of responsibility than an opportunity to realize your vision. I believe that the inherent skill set of every individual is the key to unlocking potential. I want my clients to live an inspired life that excites their passion for results and nurtures their spirit”.

What Clients are Saying



ProBiz Centre, Spruce Grove

I would like to voice my gratitude for all you do and how you do it. You are incredibly organized and someone I can really count on. Your passion is remarkable! You never show up unprepared and you are always on time and on target.

For the last year, you have been around the ProBiz Centre and made each event and workshop you hosted or attended, a success. It doesn’t matter if you are the MC or hosting your own lectures and workshops, your skill as a speaker is obvious. You are engaging and insightful.



Enginetech Machining, Edmonton

Lisa’s track record in real-life, makes her an easy choice for helping others grow their businesses or their careers.

Her strategies are tried and tested, through her leadership experiences in education, business and sports. Her ability to connect with her client adds to the value she brings to any organization.

She speaks from example and she truly wants you to succeed!



Infiniti Trails 4 Healing, Sturgeon County

Much gratitude to Lisa for her support, guidance, professional knowledge, skills and gifts in helping me formulate my message. I was stressed out and nervous, as I had not done anything like this before. I know Lisa was the angel I needed to guide me through to my goal. Lisa, I'm so grateful to have you on my team for support. You truly have found your passion, purpose and calling.

If anyone wants to take the edge and stress off themselves while developing their speaking skills... Lisa Standeven, Speaking & Consulting Ltd, is the lady you need.

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Inspiring and Influencing Insights

Getting to NO

I am a peace-lover, but I’m passionate about doing what is right and fair, and that does not involve shaming people into changing their beliefs or actions.

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