Questions instead of Answers

I sat with a prominent businessman and he said, “I want to know more about what you do. Lisa. I think maybe, if we are in business and we have tough questions, we can come to you and you have the answers.”

I wish that were true. I mean, I’m good at business, but sadly, I do not have all the answers. What I do have are really great questions…and a knack for listening.

I’m not sure where the questions come from. Some are old standbys that have served me and my clients well. Others evolve from our conversations and they are always thought provoking. They dig below the surface of budgets and balance sheets, of strategic planning and policy development, to the reason behind the venture. I do love business plans and budgets, don’t get me wrong. I breakfast on data and timelines…but the real deal lies at the heart of why you are in the industry or organization that you are.

The Work We Do.

If you are my client, I ask questions and map out your responses…and I listen. I listen…to the real story, not the cliché BS pretend stuff that litters social media. I call you on that bullshit, every time. I ask real questions and I wait for real answers. I listen to the passion and purpose. I listen to the inspiration and the motivation. I listen to the words and feelings that you want your people to hear and remember. My questions dig below the surface. I listen as you speak everyday words about your career, or your business, or your latest goals. I listen to your words, but I hear your heart.

The Heart of the Matter

You see, a business or organization is a living organism, and its people are what sustain this living being. They are the breath of endurance. They are the spark of creativity. They are the blood running through its very heart and limbs. Success in leadership or entrepreneurialism requires a strong connection to the heart of your organization. I am blessed with the right questions and the ability to hear your heart.

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