Do more of what you LOVE!

What makes people entrepreneurs? What drives them to invest thousands of hours and dollars into a venture that may or may not offer a return? Most of them would offer an explanation about the PASSION that inspires them to do what they do. Some would say LOVE of their craft is drives them to invest of themselves. I have heard may folks place FREEDOM squarely at the forefront of reasoning behind the decision to build a business. Others simply want to use their SKILLS in a way that offers value to others and adds to their own sense of value. All valid and powerful reasons. 

What you will not hear is:

  • I’m just having so much fun racking up credit card debt trying to market myself as an expert.
  • You know, I’m horribly bored of staying at home with my family, so commuting to different cities all over the place, to promote my services just makes sense right now.
  • My regular job only takes up 9 hours of my day and I was really looking for ways to maximize the other 15.
  • It is so inspiring to hear about all the ways I can improve myself, with only a couple thousand dollars and a weekend in the mountains.

Of course, I am being a bit tongue-in-cheek here, because I want you to join me for a weekend in the mountains. However, as entrepreneurs and women, we have a tendency to search for the ‘solution’ externally. The perfectionist in us is on the hunt for ideal home solutions, healthy lifestyles and holistic healing and we see the experts all around us, offering up a heaping helping for only a few hundred dollars.  Be honest, how much time and money do you spend on the expertise of others? I have been there. I get it.

Now I am going to offer the best advice I can. Stop paying other people to tell you what you already know. Yes, yes. Validation of your own beliefs is important. Learning is critical for growth, but why do you place so much stock in others, when they are telling you exactly what your heart tells you daily.

  • Wanna get out of credit card debt? Quit using your Visa and start carrying cash. And while you are at it, take a hard look at your spending habits and build a budget.
  • Wanna find a partner that doesn’t belittle you at every turn and twice on the Sunday? Stop allowing that shit go on. And by the way, quit talking to yourself that way, as well.
  • Wanna succeed in your business? Quit spending all your time and money networking in a saturated market. And here’s another great idea, start doing more of the stuff that you love so much that you decided to build a business around it.

The more I coach business leaders and entrepreneurs, the more I feel the need to offer up some straight goods about growing a business. Yes. business is fun, (Barrels full of Moneys fun!), but it’s not always easy to make your millions (or even a living) in business. It’s hard to invest of yourself, time and again without the play book that seems to be keeping the All Stars on top. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s no playbook. And there are no All Stars. That’s right. No A-list players. No Gurus. No experts in your field. Only people with stamina, guts and heart to follow their dreams. Model your journey after them, but you will soon realize that each step is yours.

I love to hike and I have taken many groups up many mountains. There is a particular satisfaction in reaching the peak. The reward for all your hard work is a stunning landscape and the knowledge that you stand among a few select individuals that braved the climb and rose to the challenge. However, along with the reward comes the realization that your peak is only one among hundreds or thousands of mountains. In fact, it is not so spectacularly unique, except for the experiences that you have gained along the way.

Like the mountain challenge, perfection isn’t reached at the pinnacle of your career. Your gold medal match will come and go with appropriate fanfare, but it will not make you happy. Entrepreneurial success requires more than effective business plans and budgets. Success of all types comes from the presence of mind to enjoy the journey. And as such, it is in your best interest to stop searching for the answers ‘out there’. You have already identified your PASSION and SKILLS. You know what you LOVE and you know what brings you FREEDOM. Please, do more of that and your version of success is sure to follow.

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