Have you ever wondered how some people seem to make it look so easy? Life, I mean… they make life look so simple. Success comes easily. Struggles seem to evade them. Challenges are easily surmounted. Or they recover quickly from failure or loss. Have you met someone like that? I think we all have. We watch and wonder what that elusive ingredient might be.  I have a theory. The people who make it look easy, don’t really have it any easier than the rest of us. They just make it look easy, because of their perspective. They embrace life’s ups and downs with a sense of optimism and courage that allows them to rise above the stresses that we all face. They feel fear and stress, but move forward in spite of this. People who make life look easy also embrace their own passions and skills and use them to excel. I know amazing artists who find the courage to seek out a livelihood selling their woks. I recently met a baker who turned her passion into a thriving business. I know small business owners who find creative ways to keep their doors open and their employees working. The teacher who stays up late trying to create new and unique means to reach the challenged child, thinks outside the box, to build new lessons. Finding the courage to be who you were meant to be, can be the first step embracing the ups and downs.  What about those major crises? People who face critical illness, injury, loss of a loved one, natural disasters? Do they play into my theory? Well, yes they do. I think these people are meant to lead the ‘Positivity Parade’. They have walked through the fire, sometimes literally, and have dug their way up out of darkness. We have much to learn from the people who overcome major crisis. These people know how to create personal supports, to protect themselves from the times they falter. In fact, we are all part of that support system. We aspire to the strength displayed by these strong individuals, emulating their courage and tenacity.  So how do we embrace the ups and downs with optimism?

1) Be You. Use your passions and skills to excel at what you love.

2) Find courage in the face of challenge.

3) Be inspired by those who lead the Positivity Parade. They teach us how to be grateful.

My final note on the subject, “As difficult as it may be, try to embrace life’s trials. The bigger the challenge, the greater the blessing. “

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