I’m proud of my self-reliance and independence. I endeavor to look after myself and do my part to make my little corner of the world a better place. I used to think asking for help was a display of weakness or vulnerability. I guess it is, however, it is also an acknowledgment of the power of collectivity. Such insight and intuition drastically outweighs any vulnerability. (Which begs to question, what is wrong with vulnerability, in the first place?..but that’s a different question for a separate newsletter.)

While competing, I personally worked my ass off, but I also relied heavily on the skill and experience of my team. I have had the benefit of working with many teams in schools, in business, in my family unit. I have found that the value of the team is entirely reliant on the hard work and commitment, of the individuals and their belief in the values of the group.

A cohesivgroup-worke group of motivated individuals can multiply the productivity and output of the group exponentially and increase the rate at which results are achieved. Much like the mathematics of exponential growth.

Conversely, a negative member of a group can be so detrimental, as to undermine the work of many. How can I put this tactfully? Lose them…fast. Winning over a hater is like trying cure a meth addict. Leave it to the professionals.

Similarly, some team members are just along for the ride, not really contributing with ideas, support or old-fashioned elbow grease. If they aren’t pulling their weight, they’re adding to the load on the cart. Encourage them to pull, or they may find themselves looking for a new cart to ride.

For these reasons,
it is absolutely vital to enlist the right people for your ‘collective’. Team dynamics can be precarious and we may not always agree, but common values and hard work are always essential.

October and November were very busy months for me and I had the pleasure of working with a number of groups, each unique and effective. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to learn from each team experience. What I found most compelling was the way our common values provided the impetus to work together. We may have arrived to the group with particular objectives, but we left with new and valuable connection to others in the group. Imagine, if we all applied this collaboration to everything we do, what innovation and productivity would result?!

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