Books to Inspire: Good to Great by Jim Collins; All In! by Arlene Dickinson; Contagious by Jonah Berger
Success Songs From My Playlist: Come with Me Now by the Kongos; Hall of Fame by The Script; Burn by Ellie Goulding
Good Podcast to Check Out: Coming Soon!


Embrace the Chaos: What I learned on my Road Trip

I drive a Jaguar. I didn’t plan on owning one. In fact, during my teens, I fantasized about owning a Porche, like the one in the 80’s movie Risky Business. Now I drive a white Jag XJL. It’s sleek and fast and luxurious as anything. I never really fancied myself

Adulting 101: How Millennials are Redefining Success

I’ve Got This In my senior year of high school, I was ready. I was eager to take my life by the tail, swing it around my head and send it sailing into the stars. I wanted to move on and live REAL life, as an adult. I was ready

Real Feminists Don’t Wear Pussy Hats: Shedding some light on Feminism

I’m going to say it. I’m a feminist. This is fact. But not the flag-waving, man-hating, vagina-hat-wearing feminist. No, my feminist uniform is a pair of red coveralls with the name Herb printed neatly over the right breast pocket. They smell faintly of shit, because sometimes I need to wear


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