Inspire Your Team

Demands on leadership groups and employees are greater today than they’ve ever been. In the age of technology, work groups are expected to achieve more in less time and often suffer negative thought cycles and tension in group culture as a result. Leaders attempt to inspire and motivate teams to reach higher, while contending with the burden of incessant demands in their leadership roles. The result? Underwhelming morale and unfocused leadership.

A prophet in your own land...

Organizations seeking to improve employee morale and engagement often find they are too close to the issue to be heard by a resistant audience. Lisa Standeven has felt the pressure of leadership and the added burden of crisis – and she’s lived (and learned) to tell the tale. Her story, and her ability to unite audiences under the banner of their shared challenges injects renewed motivation into work groups feeling the push and pull of personal and professional responsibilities. By engaging audiences with her dynamic presentation style, Lisa offers a breath of fresh air to organizations seeking opportunities to introduce new ideas and demonstrate commitment to employee welfare. Leaders find renewed passion for leadership, and employees realize their personal power to deliberately seek balance and satisfaction in practical ways.

Passionate and Inspired, or Stressed and Tired?

When we engage our passions and align our attitudes for success we start to walk the walk and talk the talk. Known for her authentic charisma and relatability, Lisa has been inspiring audiences all over Western Canada to aim higher, think bigger and work smarter. Career fulfillment is possible for all of us. Her most requested topics include:

  • Developing Resilience
  • Effective Communication
  • Finding ‘Why’
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Balance – a practical approach for leaders
  • Optimizing Adversity
  • Team building for success
  • Winner’s Mindset
  • Crisis Management
  • Growing your team upward

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