The New Year started with a flurry. Christmas in the desert and then a trip to Nicaragua, to build a much-needed addition to a local school. I spent time with my loved ones and met some fantastic new friends. I enjoyed my travel to the warmth and my opportunity to give of myself.

Still, January was a struggle. We all have those times when we know we should be content, but something beyond us is nagging us to keep moving. I gripped with the feeling that I was stuck. I felt like a leaf afloat on turbulent waters, twisting and turning unable to move toward any shore, because the water was moving against me. Every effort seemed fruitless and exhausting. You would think that I would be rested, energetic and joyful, after my travels. But no! My rest just seemed to clarify for me, the fact that I was so close to grabbing hold of solid ground. I needed traction. I craved the connection to a team that lifted me and supported me in my business.

Well, ask and it is given! Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life. Find the holes, then fill the roles. This month, I moved into my new office and hired my new team. I have support. I have inspiration. I have a place to be each day.  I have found my creativity again. And it feels GOOD!

Being stuck is sometimes part of the process of becoming our best selves. I once read that desperation is at the heart of creativity. When we are struggling to reach the shore, perhaps we simply need to surrender to the current and allow it to carry us to a new anchoring place.

Ride the current. Embrace the turbulence. Find new possibilities.

Most of all, share the love.