I love coming to my home in Tucson. Sun, cactus, mountains, dry heat (which my joints appreciate). What I love most about being in Tucson is the blissful absence of “busy”. My to-do list is just so much simpler here. It’s wonderful, but I occasionally experience this fleeting feeling of fear that I’m missing something, or neglecting my business, or ignoring my family & friends, or…or….or….

Enough! I have to tell myself this, when my anxiety starts to kick in.

Enough… worry.

Enough… feeling lack.

Enough… comparing yourself.

Enough… rushing and running.

Enough… over-committing.

Enough is my word this year. Enough.

I have enough.

I do enough.

I am enough.

It’s a new year and I love that everyone commits to ‘crushing goals’ and ‘living their bliss’. I am all over that. In fact I’ve been living it for most of my life. It’s great fun! However, we can be easily convinced that the solution is ‘out there’.

A new diet.

Exercise regime.

The right coach.

Dating site.

Business plan.

Yoga, Meditation, Botox.

New, different, advanced, more…

I’m here to tell you, it’s not out there. Everything you need is within you. All your seeking will bring you back here…to you. Don’t get me wrong, the search is fantastic! It’s inspiring and joyous. Life was created to be fun, so enjoy! Sometimes it seems deep and dark, but only if you avoid the beacon that shines for you. That beacon is called ‘You’ and the more you follow it, the brighter it shines.

I’m going to share a secret that you may already know….You were born AWESOME. You are meant to be nothing less than a star, a goddess or a hero. Now, many of you look at that and say, “Shit, I’d better get at this ‘hero gig’, ‘cause right now, I’m a slightly overweight soccer-mom, still trying to lose that last 10 pounds and perpetually searching for my dream job. C’mon enlightenment, I don’t have forever, y’know. Hero-status is waiting.”

Actually, you are already at this ‘hero-gig’ and you do have forever. Forever is now.

I am reminded of a dear man, who left his earthly body this past year. Herb’s life wasn’t perfect and yet he embraced every moment with joy and passion. He loved his wife like they were newlyweds. He spent a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors. He told stories and laughed and hugged warmly. He lived guided by a beacon. He lived ‘enough’, every moment. Herb is one of my heroes, because his moments were full of life. Herb always made others feel like they were enough. He shared is beacon, and he continues to shine for us.

So, this year, set your goals. Make a plan. Build your team. Work your ass off. But please remember, you are always enough. So let your beacon shine.

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