Decisions! Decisions!

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As a coach, clients often come to me for advice. Sometimes it’s advice about business or career. Occasionally, a client is struggling with a relationship. Perhaps, someone is feeling anxious or frustrated by an issue within themselves. The Advice Vice As tempting as it is to advise, I typically only inquire and relay what I…Read More Here!

Find New Possibilities

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The New Year started with a flurry. Christmas in the desert and then a trip to Nicaragua, to build a much-needed addition to a local school. I spent time with my loved ones and met some fantastic new friends. I enjoyed my travel to the warmth and my opportunity to give of myself. Still, January…Read More Here!

Communicate Your Value: Know Your Worth

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There comes a time that you must decide what your product or service is worth. Standstone was the waste collection company my husband and I started after my accident, in the early 1990s. We started with exactly one truck and zero paying customers. Soon after, when Standstone was a young budding business, we lacked the…Read More Here!

Gratitude & Elbow Grease

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When I was young, I was probably considered poor. I didn’t feel poor, because my parents always made us feel like we had everything we needed. In fact, we did. We never had designer clothes. My mom sewed us most of our clothes until we were in high school. Then we relied on hand-me-downs and…Read More Here!

Collectivity and the Power of One

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I’m proud of my self-reliance and independence. I endeavor to look after myself and do my part to make my little corner of the world a better place. I used to think asking for help was a display of weakness or vulnerability. I guess it is, however, it is also an acknowledgment of the power…Read More Here!

Leaders: Apply Within

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Do you ever question the future of our precious planet and all of its inhabitants? Whatever happened to people like JFK, Gandhi, Princess Diana and Martin Luther King Jr.? It seems our leaders have left us a bit in the dark, when it comes to creating hope and trust in the future. Is it possible that we…Read More Here!

Inspiration: Who needs it?

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Since I have started speaking to audiences and writing material to lift and inspire others, I have noticed a collective reticence to engage in anything vaguely ‘motivational’. People will buy books on growing your business. They will attend marketing courses, sales seminars and leadership training, but many seem to shy away from inspiration for its own…Read More Here!