Lisa Standeven started inspiring people at the age of 22, quite by accident, when she decided to surpass expectations imposed on her, after a devastating accident that claimed her dominant hand, and left her an amputee. Lisa refused to accept and abide by the standards set by people who didn’t understand all she was going through. She set out to do her best in every undertaking and unwittingly inspired others to do the same.

The industrial accident that could have taken Lisa’s life forced her to evaluate her own existence. She became determined to experience all that life had to offer. As a teacher, school leader, wife, mother, successful businesswoman, third degree Black Belt and four-time World Champion in Para-Taekwondo, Lisa has dedicated her life to setting meaningful goals and achieving them. The simple strategies Lisa utilized to keep her on target and reach her goals are available to you, as well.

Lisa has recently turned her focus to sharing her experiences with others, to inspire them to be true to their passions and get what they really want out of life. “It is this ability to develop our natural abilities and reach goals that allow people to lead with courage and authenticity, making our world a better place.”

Read how Lisa’s life changed in an instant!

Lisa’s Achievements

  • 15 years’ experience teaching and leading in public schools
  • 25 years co-owner of a successful trucking company
  • 6 years as CEO of this multi-million dollar company
  • 7 years as owner and teacher of successful taekwondo school
  • 4-Time Women’s Heavyweight World Champion in Para-Taekwondo
  • Third Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Leader and Advocate
  • Masters Degree in Educational Leadership
  • Bachelors Degree in Education
  • Project Management Certificate

Everyday Wins

  • Loving wife and life partner to her husband for over a quarter century.
  • Proud and dedicated mom to 3 amazing young humans.
  • Committed member of local and global communities.
  • Daughter, Friend, Sister, Cheerleader of Humankind
  • Life-long learner and lover of life.